Koelliker SwitchFramework (zero downtime)

A downtime solution for SAP© which ensures that all medical and administrative Jobs are running in case of a planned and unplanned downtime’s. In this case a SAP System Business Copy respectively a SAP Shadow system takes up the productive working (Near Zero donwtime). All users log on with the SAP-GUI, as they are used to, and are able to continue the work at the point they have stopped working on. The Shadow system is about a detailed copy of the SAP productive system. All SAP functionalities with all its modules are available. Thereby all users have access to all administrative –and medical data. Beyond that, new data like patient admissions, transfers, discharges et cetera as well as their mutations can be assigned. The Koelliker Switch FrameWork is available in two versions: 

  • Switch FrameWork and
  • Switch FrameWork+

Switch Framework+ has an additional tool that automatically creates a SAP Business Copy. This tool makes sure that both systems will be synchronizing 24 hours 7 days a week. Thereby the administrator is able to switch to the SAP Shadow copy at any time no matter if planned or unplanned downtimes.The switch itself hardly endures one minute. When the interruption of the productive system, how so ever and regardless of how long, is over Switch Framework provides that all data are transferred correctly from the shadow copy to the productive system. Our synchronisation tool Workbench ensure, that all necessary SAP plausibility and edit checks work correctly while synchronisation transfer. This gives you the safety, that all data are transferred properly, even if the productive system has a different version level than the shadow copy in consequence of a release change.

The configuration of the system is only made once locally. This includes all necessary Switch steps procedures, from the switch off of the productive system, to the activation of the shadow system, the following transfer of the data back from the shadow –to the productive system and to the activation of the productive system. Like mentioned before, SwitchFramework+ contains an additional tool, which creates the SAP Business Database copy automatically. This is an ADD-ON that provides a constant attendance of the SAP shadow copy. Activated once, the attendance of the database copy is 24/7. Of course the tool takes over the permanent synchronisation between the productive –and the shadow database. Therefore all the necessary modules for the patient care are available. Every not necessary needed module like FI, CO, MM et cetera are configured, that an access is deactivated or just available in “Display” mode. 
The first switch from productive –to the shadow database only lasts a very short time, so that the waiting time, even at unplanned downtimes, is reduced to a minimum. When the productive system is ready to operate again, respectively the patch/update is done, a delta data retransfer takes place, subsequently. At this stage every user is still working on the shadow copy. Until the data synchronisation is completed, the switch over to the productive system is initiated. The latency here is approximately one minute.